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Always On

Content Warning: this story contains some dark and ominous themes.

A Mastodon writing prompt story. These are science fiction short stories (usually 480 characters or less), based on an image generated by EW Doc Parris using MidJourney.

The stories are originally posted on Mastodon via my personal account.

Originally published April 28, 2023.

Meeo is always there. Always on. Eager to help. And he does help. But then we noticed something. Gaps in the day. We started to record, write things down. Notes on events we couldn’t recall, even just a few minutes ago. Pictures with us in them, and we couldn’t remember them. What’s this machine’s name again? It was on the base, but I’m not sure now. Who bought it? I don’t remember when or why.

He is very helpful, though.

Memory Event Erasure Operations