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The New Partner

Content Warning: Language, Physical Violence

A Mastodon writing prompt story. These are science fiction short stories (usually 480 characters or less), based on an image generated by EW Doc Parris using MidJourney.

The stories are originally posted on Mastodon via my personal account.

Originally published May 4, 2023.

“I’m getting to old for this shit” was Commodore Murtaugh’s first thoughts. He had already bought is warp runabout and was ready to retire. Instead, there’s a new guy. And he pulls out a weapon!

“Phaser!” Murtaugh yelled, trying to rush the man, and the new guy expertly flips him to the floor. The pistol was centimetres from his nose, clearly on level 8.

“Commodore, meet Commander Riggs. Your new XO” said Admiral Murphy.