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The New Release

A man making an announcement to a large and enthusiastic crowd

A Mastodon writing prompt story. These are science fiction short stories (usually 480 characters or less), based on an image generated by EW Doc Parris using MidJourney.

The stories are originally posted on Mastodon via my personal account.

Originally published May 28, 2023.

I had them. They were a tool to be wielded, an instrument to be played. Not an audience, but acolytes, followers, believers. They would do anything for me. Anything. With them I could control the planet, the system. They needed only a nudge, a push. And push I will. This time, they would transform themselves, at my behest.

“And all this is available for pre-order starting today, implants begin Friday.”

They cheered. I knew lines were already forming here, the moon, Europa…