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The Vortex

A Mastodon writing prompt story. These are science fiction short stories (usually 480 characters or less), based on an image generated by EW Doc Parris using MidJourney.

The stories are originally posted on Mastodon via my personal account.

Originally published April 21, 2023.

“Oh gawd, just stop!”

“What’s up Linh?”

“Cable 5527 goes spinward, cable 4376 goes antispinward, and 1008 crosses midspin. And Pat, why are you even here? That’s for the next one over. Are you trying to get us all killed?”

“But Kim said…”

“Why are you listening to Kim?”


“Yeah, um. Pat, reel yours in and get out of here. You three, pull back, try again, and get it right.”