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An Impossible Choice

A Mastodon writing prompt story. These are science fiction short stories (usually 480 characters or less), based on an image generated by EW Doc Parris using MidJourney.

The stories are originally posted on Mastodon via my personal account.

Originally published April 25, 2023.

“So how does it work?” Lisa asked.

Tim flipped through the book. “It says ‘empty your mind, then think of the destination.’”

“That’s stupid!” Jane said, “You can’t empty your mind. It’s non-stop, you can only control a little bit.”

“That’s what it says” Tim insisted, showing them the page.

“Then this will never work, will it?” Lisa replied. Jane shook her head.

“Well, I’m gonna try” Tim said. He stepped forward, there was a flash of light, and a shriek…